Download Boxing Star Mod apk with the Ultimate Guide

Download Boxing Star Mod apk
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Boxing Star Mod apk is a fantastic sports simulator game play that is quite popular among the audience. Due to the excellent game play and beautiful 3D graphics, you will be compelled to download the Boxing Star Mod apk. So, be ready to experience the attractive features of Boxing Star apk Mod.

Game Overview:

Genres: Sports

Version: 2.9.0

Developer: Four Thirty Three Inc.

Requires: 4.4

Size: 84.84 MB

MOD Features: Unlimited Money

Updated: 2021/04/30

What is Boxing Star Mod Apk?

Boxing Star Mod apk are cute-sports fighting game where the gamers will have to try their hand at boxing. Your dream of becoming a professional boxer and a champion capable of knocks out an opponent in the first round itself will be fulfilled here.

The game Boxing Star apk Mod was created and published by Creative Lab, and now you can easily download Boxing Star Mod apk on either Android or iOS devices. The game play comes with unique features like unlimited money, automatic updates, unlocking all characters, etc.

Boxing Star apk Mod offers every gamer beautiful graphics, suitable controls, story mode, several competitions, specific personalization of the main character, magnetic characters, etc., and so the game play is worth playing.

Why should you download Boxing Star Mod Apk?

Boxing Star apk Mod provides every player an original artwork, creative characters, gorgeous graphics, and top-quality sound. These features are enough to make it one of the most downloaded single-player boxing games globally.

In the Boxing Star Mod apk will be availed with the career as a young and inexperienced boxer. Download Boxing Star Mod apk and pass every single level of battle and move up the steps of fame.

  • Unlimited Money:
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Money is everything in the game play Boxing Star Mod apk so that you will be offered unlimited money. Every player can collect the money to upgrade and buy anything with zero limitations.

  • One-Hit Kill:

This is the most generous feature of Boxing Star apk Mod game play. With one hit kill, you can easily beat your opponent in the boxing battle. Moreover, any gamer need not enable this feature because this modified apk is upgraded so that this feature gets started automatically.

  • Unlimited Health:

Unlimited health is one of the favorite features of the Boxing Star Mod Apk. Health plays a vital role in the boxing game, and so with unlimited health, you can win each game. Furthermore, the apk showcases the automatic enabling of this feature whenever a boxer’s health bar is depleting.

  • Free Shopping:

Many premium features are locked in this game, and to unlock them, you will need the in-app purchase. But you need not worry about accessing these features, as with the help of Boxing Star Mod apk, you can buy anything through the game store free of cost.

Various game equipment, weapons, and skills can be bought using this feature.

  • Unlimited Gold:

To boost up the uppercut speed of boxing gloves; you can use unlimited gold premium currency in the Boxing Star Mod apk. Players can easily change the value of gear, purchase boxes, and many other things with unlimited gold coins.

How to play Boxing Star Mod Apk?

Boxing Star Mod Apk

There are many ways for you to enjoy the game play. Have a look at the top 4 methods to play the game.

  • Knock out your opponent:
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Boxing Star Mod apk offers you an exciting storyline and compelling plot. You will have to witness yourself in a fight, thereby knocking out your opponent quickly and claiming victory.

  • Upgrade your boxer:

Boxing Star Mod Apk has a training room where you, as a boxer, can upgrade your boxer and learn new strikes. Moreover, every boxer can enjoy the combo looks in a dynamic fight with a solid opponent to gain victory.

  • Challenge yourself in unique modes:

Once you defeat the first three opponents in the Boxing Star Mod apk, you get permitted to enter the League mode. The more the victory rate, the higher your rating will be in the game play. You can spend one token to find a strong opponent and carry the boxing.

  • Special missions and events:

You have to go through the exciting plot and various modes to win the boxing battle. The game play offers you some special missions which are pretty challenging to complete. Once you complete the mission, you will receive a unique reward and surprise.

Specifications That Make Boxing Star Mod Apk Unique:

  • Boxing Star Mod apk comes with a real-life boxing experience where you can win the World Championships.
  • Every player can collect robust custom gloves and upgrade powerful skills to define one’s fighting style.
  • The game play is quite simple opera table.
  • Excellent time killer experience for every game.
  • Gorgeous graphics and animation make it stand tall among other games.
  • It comes with multiple game modes.
  • Availability of clans and clan battles that add up to the fun element.
  • Fight against other players in a League mode to win the victory.
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How to download Boxing Star Mod Apk?

Since the Boxing Star mod apk belongs to a third party; you will not find it on Play Store.

Follow the given steps to download Boxing Star Mod Apk on your device:

  • Click on the Download button provided below to get the latest app mod version.
  • visit the “Setting” on your device and turn on the “Unknown Sources.” Now you can download and install the game from other sources in a safe manner.
  • Head on to the download section and click on the “Setting” button.
  • Wait a few seconds for the installation of the apk.
  • After the installation is finished, click the icon of Boxing Star Mod apk, mod, and enjoy the game play.


Q1) How can I play Boxing Star Mod apk with my friends?

Ans- You have to log in with the same account to which you are connected with your friends. After this, head on to the multiplayer mode and search for your friend’s nickname; now click on the ‘Fight Now’ button to play with your friend.

Q2) Is the game safe to play on android devices?

Ans- Yes, Boxing Stars Mod apk is 100% safe. So, you can easily download this video game on your android device.

Q3) what’s the version of this mod apk?

Ans- The version reviewed here is the latest version of Boxing Star Mod apk. v2.9.0.


It’s good to see you make it to this point of the game. Now you very well know about the Boxing Star Mod Apk2021. What are you waiting for? Just win any boxing battle and conquer the entire boxing ring.

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