Download Anger of Stick 5 Mod Apk with the Ultimate Guide

Anger of Stick 5 Mod Apk
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Anger of Stick 5 mod apk is a 2-D stickman action game published by brand J-PARK studio. If you want to shoot, blast and hack the zombies, you can download Anger of Stick 5 mod apk. You will also be availed of the download process, so stay tuned!

Game Overview:

Name: Anger of Stick 5 mod apk

Genre: Action

Version: 1.1.51

Publisher: J-PARK

Size: 36.08 MB

Requires: 4.0

Updated: 2021/06/10

What is Anger of Stick 5 Mod Apk?

Anger of Stick 5 mod apk is a 2-dimensional stickman action game presented in a cartoon. The game’s leading character keeps on fighting with cartoon zombie stickmen to save the innocent character from the zombies.

Anger of Stick 5 asked is the 5th series of widespread Anger of Stick developed by J-Park. The game’s main story revolves around a strange group of enemies and the leading hero stick man. The enemies in the city try to control the city with their physical powers, which the hero has to defeat.

You can download Anger of Stick 5 mod apk to experience the thrill and excellent game play. All the heroes in the game have to save the innocent guy in the city and kill the zombie enemies. meesho customer care number Players can use interactive controls on the screen to dive, cringe, kick, punch, jump, etc.

Why Should You Download Anger of Stick 5 Mod apk?

Anger of Stick 5 apk mod is a popular game about stickmen played all over the world. You should download Anger of Stick 5 mod apk as this game has a large audience and fan base.

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You will surely love the game Anger of Stick 5 apk mod as it has extensions that allow gamers to shoot, hack, and blast everything that comes on their way. Any player will not get bored while playing Anger of Stick 5 apk mod as there are enough enemies and weapons to play with.

Moreover, the game Anger of Stick 5 mod apk includes 6+ unlock able colleagues for the players. So, you can play with all these unlock able colleagues and have a fantastic time. Users can also build their team to kill zombies in the game play.

  • Storyline:

Anger Stick, 5 mod apk has an exciting storyline line where players have to battle between heroes and zombies. Players have to save the city where zombies want to use humans as instrumental tools. Hero and his team have to protect humans as well as the town from zombies.

  • Graphics:

The graphics of the game Anger of Stick 5 mod apk are awe-inspiring. Anger of Stick 5 apk mod is a 2D game that showcases extremely well-made cartoon graphics. Moreover, the animation from the fights is quite realistic. You will also appreciate the landscapes in the game play.

  • Numerous Equipments:

Anger of Stick 5 mod apk counts numerous equipment 125 guns, and swords etc. So that users can enjoy and excitingly win the game.

  • Game modes:

In Anger of Stick, five mod apk players will be availed with single-mode and survival mode. In the single-mode, you will have to complete 60 levels. And the difficulty of the levels increases as you go through the game play. So, you need to upgrade your weapons constantly and enjoy the game play.

  • Unlimited amount of money:
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Anger of Stick 5 apk mod offers its users an unlimited amount of money. So, you can buy whichever equipment you want to. In this mod version, you will get unlimited money as soon as you complete the various levels.

How to Play Anger of Stick 5 Mod Apk?

  • Fight Against Zombies:

Anger of Stick 5 mod apk is set in a city where a strange group of people appears. These peculiar people use innocent people as an experimental tool. And one of them turns into a dangerous zombie. The zombie threatens all the people in the city. And the hero has to fight against zombies to protect the city.

  • Martial Arts Techniques:

Anger of Stick 5 mod apk starts as strange people turning into zombies. You, as the hero, have to save humanity from total extinction. The stickman hero is capable enough to perform incredible martial arts techniques to kill zombies.

  • Support of Colleagues:

In Anger of Stick 5 mod apk, you can find up to 6 colleagues who will assist you in saving the world against zombies. You can take support from up to 3 allies at the same time. So, you don’t have to fight alone to save the city.

  • Equipment system:

Anger Stick 5 mod apk comes with a complete mixture of weapons, and you has complete freedom to redesign your equipment to defeat challenging levels. You can use weapons such as knives and guns to kill zombies quickly and be the winner.

Specifications That Make Anger of Stick 5 Mod Apk Unique:

  • You can use both Single-Mode and Zombie Mode in the game play.
  • The game play comes with moves and realistic actions.
  • You can use helicopters and machine guns to defeat the zombies.
  • Buy powerful robots and unbind powerful firepower through unlimited money.
  •  Anger of Stick 5 mod apk comes with realistic movement effects for characters and objects.
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How to Download Anger of Stick 5 Mod Apk?

Follow the given steps to download the mod apk:

  • Click on the button given below to begin the download process.
  • Tap on ‘OK’ and to start the entire download process.
  • After the download process is completed, you will be led to the installation page of the mod apk.
  • Finally, click on the ‘Install’ button on the android device to complete the installation process.


Q1) What is the file size of Anger of Stick 5 mod apk?

Ans- The file size of this game is 36.08 MB.

Q2) Will I be able to win Money or Rewards in this game?

Ans- Definitely, you can win money and rewards over this gaming platform. All you need to do is make the zombie fight unique and functionally impressive.

Q3) is it safe to download this app on my android device?

Ans- Obviously, the game is 100% safe to download as you will not receive any security warning while downloading it.


All in all, Anger of Stick 5 mod apk is a fun and exciting game to play. The game play is quite simple yet very entertaining. So, what are you waiting for? Just download the game right away and start your virtual zombie disclosure now!

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